Baby-Centred is our antenatal care coordination programme! We do early pregnancy ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy and determine your dates and then provide early pregnancy care up to around 20 weeks where we will refer you to your gynae or midwife.

Our early pregnancy care involves:

  • Urine testing at every visit for silent bladder infections
  • An ultrasound at every visit
  • Whatsapp of all images and videos taken during ultrasound
  • A physical examination for any maternal conditions e.g. blood pressure, anaemia and heart murmurs
  • A photo print at each scan
  • Planning and taking of routine pregnancy blood tests
  • Reviewing results of blood and urine testing and communication of these results via Whatsapp
  • Planning and referral to an ultrasound centre for the 13 week Advanced First Trimester screening
  • Planning and referral to an ultrasound centre for the 20 week Detailed Fetal Anatomy scan
  • Referral letter to gynae and midwife care at around 20 weeks (we can recommend good gynae’s and midwives).

We claim directly from most medical aids for the above care and also provide private rates. If you are interested in knowing more then please email or call us at 041 880 0054 for more details.