Absolutely amazing gentleman! And an awesome doctor at that! – Jateel Kassim, 20 December 2019

Always receive excellent service. Passionate doctor who is caring and patient. See for yourself! – Rene Holmes, 9 December 2019

One visit and we knew our family had found our doctor for “life”. Dr Nic carries a peace and authenticity to his consultations that is a rare find, added to his knowledge and professionalism! You won’t look back. – Pete Burns, 28 November 2019

Wonderful person, great clinical acumen! – Taryn Bryans, 28 November 2019

Dr Nic truly listens to one’s complaints and even settles an anxious mom’s mind by answering every question with patience and love. He really cares for his patients. – Chris & Chrissie Wait, 27 November 2019

Dr Thackwray is amazing with kids, he takes the time to understand and listen and help to the utmost of his ability. He went the extra mile when my son had German measles and helped make things easier for us. – Nicole Aysha Olivier Kibao, 5 November 2019

Dr Thackwray is one of the most patient doctors I know. Really listens to and cares about every patient. A great team that supports him and they are highly recommended. – Pat Els, 17 October 2019

Absolutely blown away by how wonderfully Dr Thackwray interacted with Zoë… Doctors are always a daunting experience because she screams from the time we walk in. But not yesterday. He was just so warm and loving towards her. She didn’t cry, fuss or moan. Only when we left because she didn’t want to leave. Thank you for restoring my faith in doctors’ visits. Our official number 1 go to from now on. What a brilliant healthcare group to go to!!! Shout out to the happy and friendly lady at the front desk! Your smiles are such a breath of fresh air! – Kim Riekert, 23 May 2018

What wonderful caring, kind, and helpful you are, Dr Nic and Dr Emma. Thank you, Emma, for all your help today. You are an exceptional doctor who went the extra mile to help me. I really appreciate it, not forgetting Charmaine at reception. – Stephanie Pienaar, 7 November 2017

Best doctor in PE – loving, gentle and kind towards the kiddies. From a child that is terrified of doctors to a child smiling and listening to the doctor = secret to a talented doctor…Thanks, Nic. – Lindy Stearn, 24 July 2017

Dr Nicolas Thackwray is honestly such a gentle doctor. He talks you through everything and you just feel so comfortable and in a warm place of love. I highly recommend him!! I couldn’t have made a better decision. My heart is happy and so is my little human, there is nothing more heart-warming than a doctor that makes you feel easy and completely comfortable.  – Carren Flanagan, 29 May 2017

On Wednesday morning Hope had a high temperature so Vicky and I decided to take her to the doctor. We decided to try the new health centre on Circular Drive, I knew that we could register as patients online so we did so on the way to drop Jethro off at school. We arrived to before opening times and I noticed the door was locked, I walked back to the car. The office door opened and the admin lady came out and asked if she could help us. I asked if we could do a drop-in appointment to which she replied that it was not a problem but if we would mind waiting a bit as the staff were praying inside…I never thought I would hear that from a medical practitioner. I have to say that we received a warm welcome from the team and immediately felt that we were at the right place for our children – our family doctor has treated 5 generations of my family but we feel like a number. Well done to Dr Nic, Melissa and Lindy for the warm welcome. The extended first visit also helped us to get to know each other. – Stuart York, 16 September 2016

Best Doctor ever. Dr Thackwray is a wonderfully authentic person! This practice is going to be a great success. – Chantelle Blokdyk, 20 January 2016